Online Interactive Tool for CV and Job Descriptions Content Analysis

The Online Interactive Tool for CV and Job Descriptions Content Analysis allows for either job seekers and employers to post the content of existing CV’s and/or job advertisement texts, in order to obtain a report on the associated level of gender bias of their text/speech. The online tool builds on a repository/ontology of terms associated with traditional and persistent male/female competence stereotypes.

Write your text here (in English) to check for biased wordsAffectionate, Artistic, Beautiful, Cheerful, Childlike, Childish, committed, Communal, compassionate, Considerate, Cooperative, Creative, Cute, Dainty, Dependent, Ditsy, Emotional, Empathic, Expressive, Feminine, Flatterable, Fraternal, Frigid, Frumpy, Gentle, Gorgeous, Helpful, Honest, Hormonal, Hysterical, Imaginative, interdependent, Interpersonal, Intuitive, Kind, Loose, Loyal, Loyalist, Modesty, Motherly, Naggin, Nurturing, Outgoing, Passive, Perceptive, Petite, Pleasant, Polite, Pretty, Quiet, Responsible, Sensitive, Sexy, Shrill, Shy, Soft, spoken, Soft, voice, Submissive, Supportive, Sympathetic, Tasteful, Tender, Together, Trusted, Understandable, Verbally, skilled, Warm, Whiny, Yielding, businesswoman, chairwoman, committee, woman, corporate, wife, faculty, wife, Female, lawyer, hostess, housewife, mother, tongue, policewoman, Stewardess, wife, woman:

This tool was developed to highlight possible gender biases that we may unintentionally commit when writing a text.

Due to the huge lexical database the tool works with, some of the highlighted words (or parts of words) may not correspond to actual biases. Subjective interpretation by the user is required, considering the language and purpose of the text submitted.

The words were originally obtained in academic literature about job market biases concerning words and writing of job advertisements. The original words were collected form English language publications, and then were translated for each language of the project consortia. Some words might be more meaningful in job contexts in some countries than others.

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