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The project O’Bias deals with gender bias in recruitment processes and career access. Despite the many advances that have been achieved in in education and career access over the years in Europe, several unconscious gender bias* still persist that can make some job opportunities less appealing either to male or to female candidates.
In this questionnaire, we would like to learn about your experience with gender bias practices in job market, and to know your opinion about the relevance of some strategies to mitigate gender bias in recruitment contexts.
Your answers are very important for the development of knowledge on this topic.
The data collected in this questionnaire will be used solely for the purposed of the research and knowledge development in the context of the project O’Bias. No individual information will be disclosed.
The estimated time necessary to complete the questionnaire is of about 10 minutes.
We thank you very much for your collaboration!

* Unconscious biases are unintentional attitudes and stereotypes that can influence our decision making.

To start with, we would like to ask some socio-demographic questions about yourself

Now we would like you to rate the following sentences using a scale from 1 [Strongly disagree] to 7 [Strongly agree]
Gender discrimination is a serious problem in the job market.
It is acceptable for men to have higher salary than women.
Gender stereotypes can affect the dynamics in a workplace.
Organizations / Companies should be gender neutral.
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