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This project aims to contribute to the reduction of gender bias in communication processes in the job market, notably in the development of job offers and CV from potential job applicants. To this end, it sets up to develop tools and methodologies to raise the awareness about the existing bias in such contexts.

All materials produced during the execution of this project contributes to the qualification of that job applicants and employers, and offer guidelines and tools to support employers and job applicants for the conduction of more equitable recruitment practices, in order to be better prepared to identify gender bias related to the job market so that they are then able to minimize the impact of such bias in a future job opportunity.

The products of this project will contribute to reaching the priorities of social inclusion by promoting gender equality in job access.

Online questionnaire & quiz for Gender-Bias Self-Assessment Awareness

The online questionnaire and quiz tool allow the conduction of self-assessment exercises and challenges to assess the degree of “gender” bias of individuals (job applicants and recruiting professionals), regarding gender assumptions, beliefs and practices, and challenges for decision-making regarding gender issues developed to assess the bias in the attitudes of recruiters.

Online Interactive Tool for CV and Job Descriptions Content Analysis

The Online Interactive Tool for CV and Job Descriptions Content Analysis allows for either job seekers and employers to post the content of existing CV’s and/or job advertisement texts, in order to obtain a report on the associated level of gender bias of their text/speech. The online tool builds on a repository/ontology of terms associated with traditional and persistent male/female competence stereotypes.

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